UX Interaction Designer

motivated to solve problems that advance human potential.
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I’m a full stack UX Interaction Designer

with a unique skill set that joins structured thinking with creative vision and expertise in environmental systems, architecture, and emerging tech via a Master's in HCI + D. I question assumptions, generate insights, and realize strategies that transform complex systems into engaging experiences.

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I am a big-picture thinker.

design innovation process

I combine a human-centered process with holistic system-thinking to envision experiences that serve people and communities. This means considering human moments and system interactions in the context of a larger ecosystem and providing intentional design solutions that evolve across the entire user journey.

I am a versatile strategist.

design innovation process

I have an interdisciplinary skillset spanning art, design, architecture, cartography, digital media & human-computer interaction. This provides me with exceptional insight into the creative process. I understand how to apply UX methodologies to strategically drive process and I love to contribute at all phases: researching in the field, developing interaction and visual concepts, and iteratively prototyping ideas.

I am a curious technologist.

design innovation process

I'm a collaborative worker and a continuous learner who is happy to add the skills that fill the gaps in your team. I keep pace with emerging trends in technology and love to explore new and unconventional methods. I have expertise in Adobe CC, digital prototyping, and front-end technologies, as well as mobile-first and responsive methodologies. I have also worked with rich media, motion graphics, AR/VR/Mixed Reality, VUI, and multimodal systems.

You don’t think your way to creative work.
You work your way to creative thinking.

– George Nelson

I am a meticulous artist.

artwork from previous years

Beyond design, I am a lifelong artist trained in advanced drawing and printmaking techniques and have shown work in several shows and galleries. I excel in the creative studio environment and advocate craftsmanship. When I’m not busy with projects, I enjoy working out, gaming, watching sports and sci-fi, or discussing meaningful topics. You can check out some of my personal work on behance.

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